About Paul

I’m an excitement seeker, world traveler, & lover of people before anything else.

In business, I’m an Entrepreneur & Real Estate Broker always looking for opportunity & continually growing. I have a spectacular Real Estate Team in San Diego.  My partner, Sherron Lawrence and the Realty National family also emphasize integrity, educating our clients, technology, & putting all that together to build lasting client friendship, not just typically salespeople…Our goal is to be a genuine friends who you can deeply trust.

San Diego will always be close to my heart b/c it’s a magnificent place that is filled with my loved ones, natural beauty, & a culture of living life to the fullest.

This website is where I document my travels, knowledge, & share tools for personal & financial growth.

Here’s a couple blog posts that tell you a little more about me personally:

Last year of my 20’s

If you want to know more about me professionally, this is a quick resume. You can also take a look at my Testimonials, the rest of the website, or even just reach out to me. My goal in business is to collaborate with people who I consider friends, people who I can develop a deep seeded mutual trust with.

Facebook Messenger is my preferred communication method, but a call or email is also welcomed! I’m always happy to help!


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