Tony Robbins; 4 book notes

If you don’t know who Tony Robbins is, or are the type of person who thinks that motivation speakers are corny, get on Netfilx and spend 115 minutes getting to know him. It’s a great documentary! Here’s a preview:

Tony is incredibly successful and has been writing writing books since the 80’s. Here are my notes on the a couple of the best:
1. Unshakeable (2017)

– Compound interest

– Focus on avoiding losses rather than big gains.

– 5 to 1 rule. Don’t invest unless you think you can make 5x

– Know Fees and taxes. Buy index instead of mutual funds.

– Stay disciplined and use a checklist- protect you from yourself.

2. Money: Master the Game (2014)

– Compounding interest

– Always put money into investment account EVERY MONTH

– 5-10% saved

– Learn to invest in your own.

– No simple or magic path

– Don’t compare yourself to others

– 7.5%-gold and commodities. 30% in stocks. 55% in bonds. Always have some savings in annuities (guarantees)

3. Awaken the Giant With (1991)

– Make new habits- associate bad habit with pain and good habits with pleasure. Create alternative- replace chocolate with fruit

– Changing vocab alters emotions. Twice as many words for negative than positive emotions.

– Inconvenient is better than annoying.

– Strong words hit positive emotions- happy = blissful

– Neutral and usual words for negative emotions. Annoyed = I’m quite peaved

– Ask the right questions- don’t say, why me? Say, what’s good about this situation? How can I have fun about fixing this inconvenience? What accomplishments am I proud of?

– Values- what is most important to my life? Don’t be uncertain if your values. Prioritize them.

– Understand the cause of your emotions. Once understood, take action.

– Contribute to society to see how major your actions influences can be. Cutting out beef is an example.
4. Unlimited Power (1989)

– There’s no such thing as failure. Failure=growth

– Thomas Edison- every failure to make the light bulb 💡 was a discovery of how NOT to make a light bulb

– Prevent depression by asking yourself- what is causing the thoughts and what physiological things are triggering this

– 5 step process of modeling- 1-copy top performers exactly. 2- immediate and reproduce. 3- visualize the expert. 4- visualize yourself. 5- go do it!

– Auditory, visual, or touch styles of learning are very different. Know what style the people you love are and love them that way.

– Body language is powerful in controlling emotion and tiredness. Smiling, standing up straight, raise head and breath deeply

– Confidence and power comes from conviction. Make a choice and follow through.

– Mirror people-observe people you want to be like

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