DGAF Books 

Not giving a f**k books:
Make quick decisions and stick to them. Once it’s made, move onto the next thing. Never obsess over one decision whether right or wrong.
1. The subtle art of not giving a fuck

– So many options makes us stressed out.

– Find what’s important to you and focus. DGAF everything else.

– Accept that you’re not special. Everyone has to deal with pain and suffering of some kind.

– Uncover your purpose- why do you do things?

– Nothing to fear about failure. Failure helps growth.

– Embrace uncertainty of your beliefs.

– Do things that bring you joy, not to make you famous.

2. The life-changing magic of not giving a fuck. By Sarah Knight

– Don’t spend time and money on things you don’t care about.

– Be honest while still respecting other’s feelings

– Not sorry method

– Identify what takes up space in your mind—bag fees, income,

– If you need to say know, just say “I have work to do, sorry”

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