Tool for Titans

This is another Tim Ferriss bestselling book. Tim has become one of my favorite writers, podcasters, investors, and basically one of the first people I listen to and learn from in making life decisions.

There is no single path to success. Learning from others expands your horizons and encourages you to continue working through failure, because it’s part of the process towards success!

Key ideas:

  1. To become a success, build an immunity to peer pressure.
  2. Hard work does not necessarily equal success, but working a hard (the shittier the better) can give you the motivation and creativity to deeply desire personal success. The earlier the better.
  3. Focus on systems- Short term goals can lead you giving up. Systems and building personal skills have value that will become easy and work for you, instead of you working for it.
  4. Being creative requires embracing fear and discomfort in your life.

People who have innovated practices:

  1. Emilia Boone (athlete)- Eat beet root powder with hydrolyzed gelatin (recovery). Roll foot over a golf ball.
  2. Vim Hoth, Tony Robbins, & Laird Hamilton- Cold exposure fights depression, increases immune system, promote weight loss. If you can’t extreme, do a 30 second blast of cold water at the end of the shower.
  3. James Fadiman and “Slim Berriss”- To improve well being, empathy, and expand consciousness he uses psychedelic drugs.
    1. 2 weekly micro-doses of ibogaine hydrochloride
    2. Biannual ayahuasca retreats
  4. Seth Godin- Being successful requires keeping track of every POSITIVE, SUCCESSFUL, or BRAVE thing you have ever done,  This reminds be a manifestation.
  5. Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg-work with what you know, use emotions, use marijuana to get creative. Their favorite weed is Jack Herer for writing and being creative.

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