Defeat Mega-Agents. Book Notes

This book is for Real Estate Sales People. If you’re not one, stop reading and find something better. lol

If you are a Realtor, and you’re willing to act outside the box and experiment with new ideas for lead gen, I highly suggest this book. It helps get the creative juices flowing. The value in this book if the ACTION you take after finishing it! So read and then ACT!!! If you’re helping people and truly care for them, business will eventually find it’s way to your desk.

I took these notes over a year ago in my iPhone notes and just came across it, so sorry that it’s organized.


What is my purpose as a Realtor?

Help people understand how to gain financial freedom & happiness their way. 

  • earnings vs. spending calendar. Present & future
  • Growth forecast
  • Investment strategy
  • Tax strategy
  1. Choose carefully 

14 sources of differentiation

  •          1. Niche marketing
  • “New program helps San Diego nurses find hidden profits in their homes”
  • Tell story about Dad and deep appreciation I have for nurses. Mention all family who are nurses. 
    • 2. Affinity connection
  • Natural connection to someone or something
  • Good product + good marketing + affinity = tribe of loyal customers & clients
  • One caveat. You can’t fake affinity. It has to be real & authentic
  • 3. Names matter
  • Names, email addresses and URLs master a lot, and congruency is a big deal.
  • 4. Proprietary Secret
  • Everybody believes in secrets. 
  • Position yourself as a “keeper of secrets”
  • What is my “secret” proprietary system, process, formula, technology, for achieving superior client results?
  • 5. Added value
  • Xmas tree guy with a “petting zoo”
  • 6. Charitable mission
  • Tom’s shoes
  • Linzmeier water non-profit
  • Outdoor movie for hunger. Nate Robinson at Qualcomm. 
  • 7. Power of Story
  • Most human interest stories built on framework of classic Hollywood storyline:before & after, tragedy& recovery, rags to riches, dull vs. exciting life
  • They have to resonate & be remembered
  •       Mom assistant
  • Who loves you the most? It’s simple to me, the 4 closest blood relations to me, and my brotha from anotha motha, Kevin. Would they take a bullet for me? Mom, dad, kev, ya, sisters? Not sure, but I can’t blame them. I’ve spent most of my life showing them love by pestering, making fun, and being a bratty brother to them. Lol
  • 8. Personality driven
  • Be yourself, don’t fake it
  •       If you don’t want to be my friend, I have several friends who practice a different type of RE, and I’m happy to connect you with one of them!
  • You’re a star in your own sitcom
  • 9. Celebrity status. 
  • What am I doing in my business that is worth being talked about
  •         Deal outside of market (LA, OR)
  • More?
  • 10. Preference/social proof
  • Perception = influence, not reality
  • Donation checks- photo opp
  •       Research cost of large checks 
  • To be preferred, you must do like able things
  • Are you an agent or philanthropist?
  • Publicity supplies preference. 
  • 11. Size matter
  • Focus on what you have, not what you do not have
  • 12. Price strategy
  • You get what you pay for
  • Expensive=good= prestigious=exclusive
  • Create a true perceived difference supporting a higher price point
  • 13. Marketing process
  • Society hates salespeople, so stop acting like one
  • Establish authority= influential trigger
  • 14. Leadership position
  • Application process- only accepting serious buyers
  •       Do you want to waste time? Then you need to do thing in the right sequence. Apply and get this checklist complete, then we can efficiently move forward, get you the best outcome, and do it efficiently. 
  • The efficiency Broker TM

To do Research- 

  • research TM vs R w/ a circle around it process. Add to system

Book to read

  • the ultimate sales letter. Dan Kennedy
  • Gary Halbert
  • The true believer by Eric hoffer
  • The warren Buffett approach 

Big ideas cause actions. Big ideas are usually simple. -David Ogilvy

What got ’em? What keeps ’em? What compels ’em to recruit others?

Never talk to anyone until they know you are someone

ENG Groups

Divorce niche- tell my story. 

Trip with your favorite broker!— drawing

  • Iceland 
  • Scandinavia 
  • Mexico
  • Bali

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