Changing my Blogger Brand – Feedback Encouraged!

I’m going to change my blog title and content focus. I still sell Real Estate, always will, and just closed a deal last week despite being out of the country for 5 months, but too many people write about Real Estate… It’s stale.

So I’m going to transition my blog into focusing on my current obsession/s. As of posting this (March 31, 2017) it’s a couple things, reading, exploring our beautiful planet, and writing a book about Pornography’s influence.

Like all people, my obsession will change from time to time, but my focus on this blog is to encourage to people to chase their dreams and find a way of life that makes them intensely happy! I believe that everyone can make themselves powerful, effective, & fulfilled through choosing the right obsessions & avoiding the wrong obsessions. I also have come to the conclusion that way too many people settle for a mundane lifestyle, living without passion, appreciation, and love. I want to help people overcome that kind of existence.

All that being said, I know writing isn’t the only way to do this….So I challenge you to reach out to me and ask if you think I’m the right person to help you.  Just yesterday my new friend Tom from England thanked me for helping him think through his career path, he was a fork in the road.  He felt linked to a partner who is not on the same page as him, and through my past experience, I was able to provide him with a couple new ways to look at business and partnership.

Back to the point: Which name do you like best for the blog?

  1. Obsessed with Learning
  2. Own your Obsession
  3. Be Obsessed

I’m writing this to get feedback, candid feedback.  SO WRITE A COMMENT PEOPLE! Even if it’s just 1, 2, or 3, but a couple words justifying would opinion would be helpful ;)! Don’t think, just write. haha. Please don’t be PC, sugarcoated, or especially “nice,” I prefer people who just say what they think. lol. If you think they all suck, write that. IF YOU HAVE OTHER IDEAS, PLEASE SHARE THEM! I like straightforward, brutally honest, simple people, probably because I am one.

And since no one really follows my blog, YET (lol), FAMILY and FRIENDS…Read this very closely:

I will call, text & email you over and over until I get real feedback from you. So you might as well comment RIGHT NOW and get it over with. hahahahaaaa. Sorry for being my agro self, I’m just having fun 😉

I’m the type of person that makes fun of blogs…and especially BLOGGERS! Now that I’m thinking about it, I make fun of almost anything I can. lol. I guess I’m OK with it since I make fun of myself too! But I mean, think about it, what’s a blogger’s true motivation? What’s the point? I just spent 3 days looking at as many blogs and Instagram accounts as I could stomach as some market research, and there seems to be a couple glaringly obvious & dominant categories of bloggers:

  1. Look at me! Look at me!!! I do yoga, I’m pretty, I workout 5 hours a day just so my body will look exactly how I want, my fashion sense is “on fleek,” I have an amazing life! Pleeeeeease… Look at me!?
  2. Let’s get this money! As Dave Chappelle said:
  3. The rare group. The group of bloggers that actually want to help people & improve the world we live in. I want to be one of these people.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. I like own your obsession! It sounds like the closest to the message you want to send


  2. I enjoy watching your obsession with your current obsessions!


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