Hot Girls Wanted. Documentary Summary.

You can watch this on Netflix.

Here’s the trailer:


If you have any interest in the porn industry, numbers, the type of people involved in it, and its effect on people, you should watch this.

Some quotes from the documentary:

“More people visit porn sites each month than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined. More and more of what they watch is “pro-am porn-videos featuring paid amateurs. In the internet age, porn stars playing “the girl next door” are being replaced, by the real thing.”


“Teen is the number one searched term in Porn.”


Twitter is the key to a Porn star’s success because they censor much less than facebook.


In 2014, abuse porn websites averaged over 60 million combined hits per month. That’s more than,,,,,, and


The 1st girl, Tressa, from small town Texas, was planning to cheer lead at Texas State, until she came across a Craigslist TV & Radio show job listing in Austin that led her into a Porn career in Miami. Tressa now manages a restaurant.

Quotes from Tressa:

  • “ I don’t ever get butterflies, ever anymore.”
  • “I was given this because a producer wanted me to stick half of it in me. He told me to practice.” (Holding a 2ft. Very thick dildo)
  • “He actually hurt me.”
  • I’m in so much pain. I’m in the ER because I balthalen cyst under the right lip under my vagina. And I had to get it drained because it was the size of a golf ball. The gland got clogged because I’ve been having too much sex.


Rachel, is from small town Illinois. Left Porn after 6 months., she is pursing pro photography.

  • “That last part I fucking hated. There’s absolutely nothing sexually arousing about that, at all. A lot of porn is like that.”
  • “The amatuer porn world, you’re just processed meat.”
  • “Say things that I never say, do things I’d never do.”
  • “It’s all about the guy getting off, you’re just there to help. As long as you have boobs, a vagina, and an ass. That’s all that matters.”
  • “I was in California and I had like a blowjob scene. I go there and he’s like, o ya, it’s a forced blowjob. I don’t, fuck. I was scared, I terrified. I didn’t know if I could tell him know. The fact that we have already recorded 15 minutes of it… Then I understand that that’s how rape victim feels. They feel bad about themselves….Did I really want money that bad?”


Jade, from Tampa.

  • “What I do is an outlet for something that is already there. Supply and demand.”
  • “My first porn was actually facial abuse, well actually, it’s called Latina abuse. It’s extra degrading compared to the other stuff.”
  • “I’m a fucking whore.” (In a porn video)
    • “I think it’s the combination of everything. It is was just him talking all this stuff (shit), it wouldn’t be so bad. If it was just him fucking me, it wouldn’t be so bad. If it was just me throwing up, it wouldn’t be so bad. But these 3 things followed one by the other.”
    • I don’t look at stuff that really black and white, good and bad. Good and bad is what your opinion is at the moment. Because X amount of time ago I thought certain things were bad that I don’t think are bad now.
  • “With me it’s all fake.”
  • “She was one of the girls who didn’t know what she was getting herself into.”


Carly, from Washington.

  • “I haven’t had sex in 3 months, but I’m so excited, and so nervous.”
  • “It just can’t be good for you have sex that much, with so many different people. But that’s my job”


Michelle, Florida.

  • “I’ve never done anything like this before. I mean, it’s a lot of money for a girl, so why not. I mean, I do it anyways, so why not let everyone else see it.”
  • “Even when I make my weird ugly faces and I just look weird…Guys are like, o you’re so sexy I just wanna fuck you. It’s a boost of confidence to know you’re wanted that much. Ya know?”
  • “I’m gonna marry drake one day. I’m gonna have his babies… He just hasn’t discovered me yet. He will when I get big.”
  • “It was kinda gross.”
  • “They gave me an extra $100 for plan B, and it’s only $40 something, so that’s $60 I get to keep. And plan B like always works I guess, I don’t know.”


23 yr old Old talent agent & male talent. Riley:

  • “Every day a new girl turns 18, and every day a new girls wants to do Porn. I will never run out.”
  • “I used to be bullied and made fun of in school, and now I’m the shit, technically.”
  • “Free flight to Miami. That will catch attention. That’s all I gotta do! I’ll have 5 responses in less than 12 hours.”
  • “You’re not fat…Just get smaller.”


Porn Actor for 5 years. Quotes from John Anthony:

  • “A lot girls know it’s a trap, but the money is there in their face now, they take it. And hope for the best. The self life a girl…really depends how she markets herself. Worst case, 1-3 months, alright, 3-6, best case if she doesn’t catch on to the game…1 year tops, tops!”

7/4/17- The documentary goes into some numbers, and seeing the numbers tick up from 34 million on one video is mind blowing. It’s fact that a ton of people watch porn, but because of the nature of porn and fact that most people hide and consumed it in private, I don’t think really think  or realize how much time humanity is putting to porn.  Think about it, those are actual people who are watching these video instead of doing something productive or loving. I’m also grateful to be watching this and feeding my mind with fuel to help find love, connection, and intimacy instead of fantasy and hate. Thanks to the film makers for their efforts!


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