The last year of my 20’s

I turn 29 today and I’ve been very introspective about my goals for this final year in my 20’s.  I want to make this year about learning and experimenting.  If you’re wondering why I’m planning like this, it’s kinda like when the reporter in Forrest Gump asks, “Why are you running? Are you running for world peace?…. ” and Forrest responds with the simple thought, “I just felt like running.” 

Life should be mostly just what you want to do, what interests, stimulates, excites, and makes you happy!

I’m doing these things because I just feel like it. lol. Why not? Sometimes in life when you want to do something, you just need to write it down and make it happen. No procrastination, no excuses. 

I’m posting this publicly for two reasons: 

  1. To hold myself accountable to these goals and increase the likelihood of accomplishing all of them. 
  2. To get advice, recommendations, support, encouragement and anything else my loved ones have to offer. So please, comment, message, or even better, FaceTime me with anything you’d like to share or discuss with me! This last week has been the 1st time I’ve experienced being homesick, so chatting with loved ones always puts a smile on my face!!!

I might add to this list here and there, but as of March 23, 2017, I am committing to doing all these things before I turn 30:

  1. Write two books: one about sexuality, sex addiction, pornography, & how we communicate about it (by May 15th). The second will be fiction, my attempt to develop some creative muscles 💪. Lol
  2. Scuba Dive Master Certification (Doing as of 4/10, finish by 6/1)
  3. Kite board
  4. Yoga & Mediation Retreat
    1. Meditate a minimum of 10 minutes every day
  5. Muay Thai 
  6. Spanish language immersion
  7. Read and summarize 2 books a month
  8. Participate in a Start Up Weekend
  9. Grow a beard for a year. lol. Oct. 1, 2016-

Before 35:

  1. Sky Dive Cert

At least a week of the following: 

  1. Vegetarian
  2. Gluten free 
  3. Complete fast 
  4. No phone, laptop, internet
  5. No money
  6. 1 day of complete silence

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