A Shift in Travel Philosophy

Like any other in depth experience or “skill” that a person develops, seasoned travelers can hit a plateau stage. During certain phases, an absolutely gorgeous place like Bronte Beach, Australia can seem like just another beach. The Duomo in Florence can become just another church. You might miss out on an amazing party experience because, “it’s just another party.” And even an amazing conversation with an extraordinary and unique person can seem less stimulating than it did in the beginning of your travels. These thoughts suck, and I’m embarrassed to admit, I’ve had them all.

I haven’t let this type of negativity linger in my head for long though.  I believe it can hit even the most positive minded travelers.  Being that travel and alternative lifestyle are a few of my highest priorities in life, I’m going to shift my emphasis on this adventure from just “seeing the world,” to “self improvement & extensive learning while exploring the world.”

I’ve already been trying to focus on reading, writing, staying healthy, chatting with interesting people, trying new things; what any other good travelers do, but I want to take it a step further!

My suspicion & hope is that having daily tasks and long term goals will make the culmination of the trip more fulfilling and the day to day attitude more exuberantly grateful & positive!

Here’s my commitment to myself:

  1. Every skill that I’m very interested in, but have very limited practice at:
    1. Give it my full energy & effort 3 entire days. Do everything I can to completely understand it and blog about my thoughts, finding, etc. to share with others & so I always have a record of my experience.
    2. If I like it enough, extend that 3 days to however much time it takes to become so competent that it becomes a true pleasure & part of my normal life schedule outside of traveling.
      1. Examples: Kite surfing, yoga, meditation, writing, rock climbing, hunting, sailing, Muay Thai, Spear fishing, skydive,
  2. These are goals I’ve already established and don’t need that 3 day “trial period”
    1. DMT (Scuba Dive Master Certification)
    2. Write & publish a book.
    3. Spanish language- Get to the point where I’m extremely comfortable and can have a 5 minute conversation with any Spanish speaker.
    4. Start an International Start Up Incubator.
  3. These are my commitments to complete a minimum 3 day trial in order to decide whether I want to go all in.
    1. Sky diving: My home DZ offers IAD zero to A-license for $1,280. There’s no stipulations on how quickly or slowly you have to complete your 25 jumps (A license), but you can only go as fast as your instructors will allow.
    2. Kite surfing: Link– About $350 for a 3 day course with multiple locations in Thailand.
    3. Yoga
      1. Rishikul yogshala-$1,250 for a 30 day course.
        There are definitely nicer ones,  but they are between $2,000-3,000.
        Goa and Kerala are other Indian cities that are popular, but there are many options in countries all over the world!
    4. Muay Thai: Link– An experienced Muay Thai student’s opinion. There are a ton of options, just get online and google what vibe you’re looking for.
    5. Spear fishing: Link– There a ton of options, but this is one I found with options all over the world.

I’ll keep it there for now and add  as I go along.

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