Bocas Del Toro, Panama-“Back of Napkin Numbers”

Bocas Del Toro, Panama

This is a very exclusive and lucrative investment opportunity. If you are a serious buyer with interest, please contact

This property is not on the market and I have personal access to the owner. Very few people are aware of his interest to sell.

“Back of Napkin” numbers:

Purchase Price: $750,000

Annual GSI: $300 a night X 5 rooms X 365 days = $547,500

Income after vacancy:$328,500.40% vacancy.

$100,000 construction value add budget.

$100,000 annual expenses. Cooks, cleaners, landscapers, utilities, boat, gas, etc.

$128,500 net annual income in year 1

30% biz Mgmt fee-$51,400

$77,100- Dividends to investor after year 1

$100,000- Average annual dividend year 2-3

$110,000-Average annual dividend year4-5

$120,000- Average annual dividend year 6-7

6.9years to pay back investors 100%

70/30 (Investor/Mgmt) profit split after that. Paid quarterly.

80/20 (Investor Mgmt) split at liquidation.

Bocas Del toro. Cristabol.

Tourist activities:

Scuba & Free Diving

Lobster Diving


  • careneros
  • Paunch
  • Dumps
  • Pa Thai
  • Silver backs
  • Bocas Del toro- Tiger tails
  • Bluff beach
  • Wizards beach

Fishing- yellow fin tuna, blue fin

Hiking- jungle hikes, like hikes

Boquette- mountain village- 45 minute boat ride, 4 hour shuttle.

Cliff diving into waterfall

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