This post is more for my journal, and less for sharing. I’m sitting in the Darwin airport and I’m very excited to head up to Thailand! I spent a week in Sydney, a couple weeks in Melbourne, a week in Byron Bay, and a week in Darwin.  Australia is is huge, so I definitely didn’t give it enough time, but I’m glad I got a little feel for it in my twenties!

Sydney reminds me a lot of Los Angeles and San Diego, and Melbourne has a similar feel to San Fran. All five of those cities are great, but since I’m traveling to experience new things, I didn’t feel called to stay any longer than I did. Like the states, Oz has a ton of national parks with natural beauty, unique wildlife, and tons of activities.

What really turned me off about Oz was the tourism, and specifically the backpacker business, so I stayed with  friends and stayed away from the tourist scene as much as I could.

My opinion is that Oz is a great place to go if you’re looking for a long term work sabbatical, long term Van/camping trip focused on nature, or for a new place to live and work, but if you’re a well traveled Cali boy like me, I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit Oz for backpacking or tourism b/c I prefer Africa and Southeast Asia.

Posts I found useful:


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