Ireland, only one word to describe it, Lovely!

The Irish say the word “lovely” more than a Huntington Beach kid who was conceived, born, and is now a pro surf in the waves of SoCal says “gnarley.” A person, landscape, view, walk, rugby match, fine glass of wine, or even a shot of whiskey are all referred to as “lovely” in Ireland.  Which I think is just lovely! lol.  On top of that, older 50+ women call every “love,” which I think is just about the sweetest thing you can call anyone.  When I was getting a sandwich just outside Phoenix Park, in Dublin, the woman making it called me love at least 10 times. It’s used just as often as a LA valley girl says “like,” practically the verbal replacement of the period of a sentence.

My theory is that Irish people, especially out in the country, are just genuinely happier & nicer than most. Multiple times after a 60 second conversation with a dude in a bar, he bought me a drink and brought me back to introduce me to all his friends, and it wasn’t a gay bar to my predictable friends at home who really know how to kill a gay joke (Jim Velinski). In Dalkey just south of Dublin, I noticed a man walk up to another man, and the 1st man backed away with his hands up saying, “I don’t have any money,” but it ended in a hug & a laugh b/c they were just neighborhood friends messin’ around. This is the type of the people I experienced in Dublin: fun, lighthearted, playful, silly people who know how to enjoy life!

The people aren’t the only thing lovely about Ireland, the landscape and coastline are some of the prettiest I’ve seen. Obviously the Cliffs of Moher are a stunning & world class site to see, but the Slea Head drive in Dingle, Conamera, Kylemore Abbey, Galway and even just driving in the middle of nowhere are all beautiful places to explore in Ireland!




My Ireland costs($1=1.1 Euro during my trip)

$350 cash+$630 credit card=$980 total / 19 days=$51.50 a day

About $50 a day, this did not include accommodation or airfare. I did eat very well, I bought my cousin a gift, overpaid for a rental car because we got insurance (get an Amex and it will insure you cheaper.)

I stayed with my cousin on Lower Baggot St. and my flight was $220 on Wow airlines. 

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Lovely thoughts and words from you; someday I’m going to visit and I’ll be thinking for what you shared! Keep up the positivity…greatly appreciated!


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