Insurance & Medical Preparation

Here is the info I found in my research. Hopefully it helps! Make sure to call your insurance company and make sure you’re covered all over the world. My insurance is with Anthem, it’s $191 a month, and is mostly just catastrophe insurance with a deductible of $6,850.


Go to minute clinic or travel clinic if you don’t have insurance or a primary care physician. If you do have insurance, it still might have you some money & time if you go to a minute clinic or travel clinic. Do some research before you go as you often have options and the nurses will just give you whatever they prefer. For example, for typhoid there are either 3 pills that you take every 48 hrs and you’re immune for 3 years or an injection that is done once and makes you immune for 5 years.

If a drug is classified as “preventative” most insurance will cover it, but if it’s classified as “travel,” they usually will not. This is a silly catch 22, but it is what it is and staying healthy is more important than money.

I am insured with Anthem. Coverage outside of the country is for emergency room only. “It does not say specific countries, but most countries are contracted with us.” Anthem negotiates price with foreign provider (pg.186)

For outpatient that is less than 24 hrs is length, I (the client/patient) pays upfront and submits for reimbursement. If it’s longer than 24 hours, Anthem sets up direct billing with the facility. It is imperative to ALWAYS KEEP RECEIPTS!!!

Anthem specific phone number:

Number to call to see what countries are contracted with us- blue card worldwide- 800-810-2583

Direct phone internationally-001-804-673-1177- CALL THIS TO GET PAID BACK– to get claim forms for Anthem.

No limit or restriction for time out of country and no notice needed.

Reimbursement- can be filed for in any country & takes about 30 days after all info in received.

Direct billing not available in: Cuba, Burma, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, & Iran.

Vaccinations I got:

  • Hep A. 2 shots, 2nd shot in 6-18 months after the 1st.
  • Hep B- sex. If you’re from the states, you probably got these as kid, but double check.
  • Typhoid- $137

If you’re from the states, you probably got these as a kid, but always double check:

  • Polio. Consider getting  a Polio booster dose
  • MMR
  • Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis
  • Chickenpox

I didn’t get. Do your own research:

  • Rabies- only if an animal bites you. So probably not necessary unless you’re planning on touching animals.
  • Yellow fever. $200
  • Zika
  • Japanese encephalitis- India outdoors?- $370 X 2.
  • Anti-malaria. In some countries people just choose to avoid mosquitoes b/c the side effects are “hallucinations, stomach pain, & diarrhea.” My friend Stan recommends that if you’re in  place where there might be malaria and you get flu like symptoms within a week of exposure to mosquitoes, go to the doctor and asked to be tested for malaria.

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