Daily Reflection

This is the 1st journal of my life. I’ve enjoyed reflecting and want to keep it up throughout my life, but trying to start at 28 is not an easy task. If you really want to make writing daily reflections a priority in your life, I would start as young as possible and try to do it at the same time, in the same place, or in the same book/device every day.  Then give yourself some type of reward, like all other habit, it’s habit loop that must be learned over time and then it will become second nature.

I didn’t edit this at all for a reason. I want it to be as pure as possible.  If I re-read and edit, I’m probably just changing it to sound or look better to others, which isn’t the point at all.

I get lazy at times, but it’s all a part of the process of getting better at reflecting, interpreting my thoughts and feeling, and writing. My goal is to eventually write a couple sentences of substance every day!

The 1st 6 months and a week:

  • October 4th- It’s 10pm and I’m putting down a 5 hr energy. I need to stay up all night so I’m exhausted enough to sleep on the plane & avoid jet-lag. I try to get my body synced with the time of my future destination at least 24 hrs before getting there.
  • Oct. 5. Moms are forever natural protectors, it’s instinct, they can’t help it. One of my earliest memories in life is my mom putting a wet cold towel on my forehead holding me when I was very young and had a fever. She’s still metaphorically doing that today every opportunity she has. 

  • Oct. 6. Bus driver and a biz man talking politics on a bus: “I always wanted to be a politician in the U.K., but I didn’t pass the medical exam b/c I’m circumcised…… They told me that you have to be a COMPLETE DICK to be a politician in the U.K.  lol

  • Oct. 7. Cousin Meagan and I are renting a car and heading to Kilkenny and Galway. Kilkenny is cute, like most Irish towns, but not necessary if it’s out of your way. We did have a Guinness is a bar built in the 1300’s though!

  • Oct. 8- Connemara Abbey and national park are spectacular! The Abbey is in one of the most scenic locations I’ve ever seen. The drive through the lake country is beautiful as well!

    A day in Galway- https://imperfectlyfree.com/2016/10/05/if-you-get-to-galway-on-a-saturday/

  • Oct. 9- Cliffs of Moher & Lahinch (surf town). The Cliffs are spectacular. Some of the my favorite natural beauty in the world!

  • Oct. 10- Dingle & the Sli head loop drive, which is one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever done in my life!   

  • Oct. 11- Felt under the weather, so I just relaxed and did some Real Estate email campaign planning. 

  • Oct. 12- chilled at the house, read some Of 10% Happier and wrote a bit of The Birds and the Bees Today. 

  • 13- Read 10% Happier in st. Stephens gate park & went out with some friends to stand up comedy. A pigeon jumped on my lap for the 1st time.

  • 14-The weekend in Dublin begins! Meagan’s local friends take us out for a pint, which turns into about 10, good times. 

  • 15-It’s about 9 and I’m not feeling it. I talk Meagan into calling it quits early and we head home…. until we pass one of the oldest pubs in Dublin and Meagan talks me into “1 more beer,” which turns into whiskey, we meet some cool people, ended up dancing to house music, I lose Meagan, and get home at 430. Lol

  • 16-Watched, maybe a life record, 4 movies in 1 day with Meagan. Hangover… Lol. True Romance (Tarantino’s 1st), Vicky & Christina in Barcelona, The Big Lebowski, & The Newsies. 

  • 17- Finished reading the book 10% Happier. Stoked about really digging into meditation during this trip. See my book notes HERE

  • 18- Walk with a new friend out to a huge fishing getty. 50 Euros blew out of my pocket way out to sea & I was annoyed about it for days. I need to do better at taking my own advice: Not worry about things in the past or thing you can’t control.

  • 19- Howth solo mission. Typical conversation with  a funny Irish guy, good seafood, and some reading with a nice view.

  • 20- Drinks out where I met a girl named Sinaed (pronounced Shin-aid) who used to be a tour guide and ended up walking me around Dublin & teaching me a bit of history. 

  • 21- Sinaed gave me the idea to go to the Four Courts and see how the legal system in Ireland works. There were some really interesting cases, a murder case, a rape case, and drug trafficking case, all with some interesting Spins.  http://courtsnewsireland.ie/irish-courts-news-latest/Then I went in long run/walk on the North side of the Liffey (known to be the more dangerous part of town), it didn’t seem to dangerous during daylight. That night I went a rap/spoken word event at Odessa in Temple Bar, it was epic and had some of the funkiest dancers letting lose!

  • 22- Dalkey solo walk, home of Bono from U2 and home to some beautiful views.

  • 23- My first fast ( liquids only ) started at 1am after a big home made meal. Meditation in the morning at 11, hunger pains at 1, my normal push-ups, sit ups, squats and 20 minute run routine.

  • 24- I’m usually like 3 hours early for flights. I just made made my flight to Addis Ababa by about 10 seconds!!!! The gate was closed, no one to help, security line was packed, and somehow I made it happen! I’ve never been so happy sitting on a plane! Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Johannesburg.  About 36 hours into my fast, my left tricep starts to spasm. 

  • 25- Tour of Joburg. Soweto township has everything from nice home to some of the worst poverty I have seen, but it isn’t much worse than TJ and parts of Brazil, Argentina, and Morocco might be worse from my perspective.

  • 26- Pretoria. Great meal and drinks with Stan +6 at Lucky Rodrigos.  A brandy special is 2 double brandies with coke, it’s typical South African.

  • 27- Pretoria to Swaziland roadtrip. Great convos about apartheid, colored vs. black, Afrikaans vs. Brit, etc. Tami brought up the religion Baha’i. Wikipedia:The Bahá’í Faith (Persian: Bahā’i ; بهائی‎‎) is a monotheistic religion which emphasizes the spiritual unity of all humankind.[1] Three core principles establish a basis for Bahá’í teachings and doctrine: the unity of God, that there is only one God who is the source of all creation; the unity of religion, that all major religions have the same spiritual source and come from the same God; and the unity of humanity, that all humans have been created equal, coupled with the unity in diversity, that diversity of race and culture are seen as worthy of appreciation and acceptance.[2] According to the Bahá’í Faith’s teachings, the human purpose is to learn to know and to love God through such methods as prayer, reflection, and being of service to humanity.

  • 28- Swaziland with Stan & Tami +8. Had Oxtail in potjie. Epic!!!! Apparently it was nicest restaurant in Swaz. Bonfire and learning Afrikaans from Tian, and chatted with some peace corp people. 

  • 29- Brad’s bonfire standup comedy was on point. I smoked a doob with 3 guys, 1 from Kenya, DJ muscle from Swaz, & some Scottish girls. 

  • 30- drive back from Swaz, met Stan’s parents, called it and early night

  • 31- laptop day in Pretoria 

  • November 1st & 2nd- relaxed around Pretoria, laptop work, gym. Strikes are happening & often get violent at all “Varsities” (Colleges) because blacks want free education in order to get better jobs. The government is not sure if they can swing the costs because the economy is not doing well. 

  • Nov. 3- landed in Victoria falls, Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 , met Lena & Nadine getting cash at the ATM & split a taxi.

  • 4- White water rafting on the Zambezi with JB, Charles, Wise, Lena, & Nadine. It was epic!!! We flipped 4 times on 19 rapids, fell out 3 or 4 other times, did 5, class 5 rapids and enjoyed spectacular scenery. That night we went out partying with Wise and the 4 germans and Zim guys we’re cracking up about how much the Zim chicks liked me & were dancing on me. Lol

  • 5- Nico Gomes, Axcel, Lena, Nadine & I went to Victoria falls on both the Zambia & Zim side and hiked to the Devil’s pool. The Devil’s pool was my favorite swim of my life. Dinner in Zambia was awesome and much less expensive than the Zim side. 

  • 6- Church was a great. People dancing, sing with passion, and walk up and down the aisles as they pray out loud. It’s a very smiley, welcoming, joking atmosphere, while all being very serious about evangelism & Christianity. 

  • 7- I could either drive through Botswana with Nico & Axcel or stay in Zim until my flight Thursday. B/c Zim uses the US dollar, nothing is cheap. At the same time, they only take cash in a lot of places, but their is a “cash crisis,” so it’s hard to find an ATM with any money.  With 15 minutes notice and feeling bored in Zim, I decided to go to Maun, Botswana & check out the Okavango Delta!

  • 8-around 3am we decided to pitch a tent on the side of the road & sleep a couple hours. The drive the night before we saw, Kudu, Elephants, Bulls, goat, Zebra, and a massive bush fire that we think was started by lightning. We also went on a boat called a Mokoro though the Delta and saw about 10 elephants. 

  • 9- We left Maun to drive through Gaberone & head to Pretoria, saw all the wildlife from the days before plus 4 Ostriches. At night lightning lights up the entire sky & thunder is powerful. 

  • 10-I played my first game of rugby, but it was only touch. I also felt lightning for the 1st time. It hit a car, made the alarm go off, and must’ve ricocheted to the top of our heads…crazy!

  • Nov. 11- landed in Imhambane, Mozambique and headed to Praia do Tofo. 

  • 12- I was up until 5am, chilled almost everyone in town including the village dealer from Zim & Omphile (goes by Peel) who let me crash at his spot. 

  • 13- I went scuba diving with the Jesper, nils, Isaac, nick, & simonea. The dive was a 5 out of 10. In the evening I was very offended by a Dutch guy who was all high and mighty about politics and trump. This is the 1st time I’ve been truly offended and annoyed on the trip, but I think he was just drunk and mad that his girl was giving me attention…lol

  • 14- chill recovering Monday after a weekend of partying. Did a lot of reading and swimming.

  • 15- I went to Inhambane with Lucy from the French Alps. We had a meal with her local friend and the total bill for 3 meals and 3 drinks was $2.50

  • 16- I went scuba diving, took a nap, and lost at poker up at Mozambeats with the swedes (isaak & Jesper) & Omphile

  • 17-relaxed on the beach, chilled with Lana from Israel, China from China, Jose from Chile, and JP from Copenhagen. To celebrate Nick’s bday (scuba instructor from Darwin) we had a nice seared Tuna meal at Mango Beach. 

  • 18- I got to the airport way too early, lol, but I got some meditation and reading in! Tonight is a lekker jol planned with the Okes in Pretoria! Partied hard at Lucky’s and then a college bar where we danced to head banger heavy metal & grabbed late night Dr. Fonzies chicken Shawarma 

  • 19- Stan’s mom’s 60th birthday at a golf course. The parents had shots with us and I really felt like part of the family. The Acres are some special people!

  • 20- Brunch with MJ & some work at the commune

  • 21- 50 elephants, giraffes, kudu, wildebeast, buffalo, impalas just on the drive in to Stewie’s Ntsiri farm.

  • 22- 1st true game drive with Stewie. A true eagle is defined as having feathers all the way to its feet. Leyla, a staffeshire bull terrier in the shop is my new best friend.

  • 23 & 24- game drive and brai at night. We saw a leopard, lion, kudu, impalas, giraffes, spring hare (small kangaroo), genet, civet, hippos, vultures…..

  • 25- headed to Ebenezer Dam to camp at Lee’s house. 

  • 26 & 27- party & wake board with amazing people, all doctors & vetrinarians

  • 28- transit day from nelspruit to Pretoria.  Best time to read, write & think.

  • 29- morning flight to Cape Town. Lucie from Tofo, my 1st French friend ever, called me naive & innocent 😇. She also has a theory and thinks that it’s common knowledge that black people are more  sexual than white people & could not believe I was unaware of that. I took a poll to prove her wrong and was successful.

  • November 30- Met up with Jay O’Brien and his squad at the Salty Crax backpackers. Epic group of volunteers teaching in the townships (Dunoon).

  • December 1- I had no plan, but met 2 French girls in a smoothie shop, Claire &  Amelie. I invited myself to go on a drive with them to the beaches and the cape of good hope, a spectacular drive & really great company! Claire is a doctor, Amelie is a nurse and they work on Mayotte Island. Then I spoke with a British girl about the mushroom party she was going to that she was afraid would turn into an orgy. Afterwards I doobied with dudes from Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, and Dubai, watched Jurassic World, had a Pizza, chocolate, and went to bed.😂 

  • 2- beach at Clifton one with 15 people from long st backpackers. Topless girls on the beach, volleyball, rugby and swimming in the freezing CT water. Dinner with Monica, beautiful Italian girl, who 4 hrs into a great flirtatious date tells me she has a bf back in Milano. Wtf!?

  • 3- brunch with Stuart & Gareth, 2 local dude I met at Clifton. We went to Boschendal, a spectacular winery that was established in 1685. Their friend Dave, who is a 5th generation vineyard owner at Pearl mt. in Paarl joined us. 

  • 4-Robben island. I asked a former inmate about if he was scared of the EFF and he said that it’s more important that they have their ability to exercise free speech than the potential fear of evil ruling. I disagree. 

  • 5-7- chilled mostly with the Long street backpacker crew & made a million friends! Beach days, hikes, parties, brais…

  • 8-11- partying hard with the salty crax crew. Yanga, Craig, Nanda, Cindy, Basia, Eva, Hildurr, Elen, Guata, Oliver, Mikey, Minoutka, Paul  & squad(crazy Afrikaner), Morne & Tash, Stewie, the list goes on & on. Goodbye to G Thursday, I forget what we did Friday, Rugby 7’s on Saturday, shimmy on Sunday. Craig and I got escorted into shimmy by his friend, a tattooed Afrikaner bigger than Lebron with an automatic weapon strapped to his chest. Don’t worry, he was head of security. 

  • 12 & 13- relaxed at salty crax  & Long st. Backpackers. Said goodbye to a lot of great friendships that lasted just about a week. With some I made plans to meet up in the future, hopefully they come to fruition!

  • 14-I met Selim (a Swiss, former pro hockey player) and within 10 minutes of chatting we decided to go hike table mountain. We took the Skeleton Gorge route, which is the most steep & difficult, but like many other difficult things in life, the most rewarding & beautiful. Then I met up with Katie Hoodrat at Clifton 2 to chill and say goodbye. She is an American friend I met in Tofo, the type of person you can tell has a warm & caring soul right when you meet her. I’m starting to get tired of all these goodbyes, it really brings my mood down. I’m going to start seeking out places I can stay for a month + to spend more time with people and build deeper and longer relationships. 

  • December 15- Today I woke up to a text that 3 of my friends got hit by car. 1 didn’t make it and the other 2 are hospitalized. This was my facebook post:

    Last night we lost a great friend. A new friend for me, but a great one none the less. So if you’re not doing what you love, spending time with the people you love, & living with a smile & genuine joy in your heart every day, take steps to CHANGE your circumstances now! Live life to the fullest, and do what you’re passionate about. 

     Life can be over in a split second. In this case, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time & got hit by a car. He was a guy who always had a big smile that made me & many others happy to see him! We had an epic day with a great group of people Sunday, and I’m happy for that, but I’m devastated that he won’t be able to join me for more of this beautiful life. We had plans to go out tomorrow in Cape Town & meet up in Australia in just a couple weeks that will not come to fruition. I know your soul will rest in a better place Aksel, & I know there will be many people missing you. RIP

    Please pray for his friends and family as well as the others who were physically & emotional hurt by this terrible tragedy. 

  • Dec 16- Jenny the Frenchie. Brad got into town & we headed straight to beach. This gorgeous French woman in a one piece was tossing around an American football on the beach with a bunch of foreigners who had no idea how to throw or catch, so I made my move…. she was my gf for the day🍻😉🔥👌🏽  

  • December 17- Breakfast with Monica from Milano at the Old biscuit Mill & starting off the roadtrip w/ the boys off to Swellendam. Monica is too cool not to be friends with even tho she basicaly cruises around making dudes fall in love and give her tours. lol. Stan, Stewie, Brad & I have amazing conversation. We transition between deep conversations about to life to any type of humor & hysterical laughing within seconds. This will literally go on for hours, it can almost be so stimulating of banter (chirping as they say) that it can be mentally exhausting…. in a good way

  • 18- went to Bontebok national park for a brai & swim. Nothing special 

  • 19- Troudow pass drive, stopped for in some roadtrip bars, & had a brai at The Wildfarm Backpackers in Wilderness.  Wilderness is a cool hippie beach town. The highlight was De Vette Mossel, or Fat Mussel is Afrikaans. It was a very Afrikaans lunch, all you can drink and BYOB, so naturally we had 6 bottles of wine between 4 of us & bought Briana lunch to be DD. 

  • 20- De Vette Mossel. Proper Afrikaaner feast & Jol! Amazing meal & hilarious host. 

  • 21- Chilled with The boys, Bri & did some yoga and hit the beach. 

  • 22-Partied in Plett with Stef & the boys at Flashbacks. 

  • 23- Had a chill day at the beach.  Plett is rich Town with nice restaurants. We had a good party night, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to come back. 

  • 24-25- Drove to Humansdorp to the Friedman’s sheep farm for Christmas. Mom, Dad, sister, and Stef are all amazing hosts! At dinner, Stewie brings up the fact that humans raping chickens is a big problem the Vets have to deal with. The conversation gets out of hand from there…hahahahaaaa

  • December 26- boxing day in Port Elizabeth for cricket. I decided to DD as the boys dopped drink after drink and taught me about cricket. Grahams town with Stewie’s buddy, Luca, a South African of Portuguese decent whose parents were refugees from Angola
  • 27-1  Baragwanath’s (Lee, Sonika, Clive, Brian, Allen, Kathleen, Queen Cammie, Skyler, & Stanley) in Morgan Bay. Nandi on NYE. 3 hr hike & brai in the trans sky with Brian. We tried to check out and move to a backpackers 3 nights, but there home & company were simply too good, so we decided to stay the entire 6 nights! On New Years a kissed a Xhosa chick named Nandi, the amount of racist looks we got was out of control. Lol
  •  January 2- Dropped off at Buccaneers Backpackers outside of East London & said goodbye to the boys. 
  • 3- Arrived in coffee bay with Abby & went straight for a swim even though it’s raining! The water was finally warm & it’s another beautiful beach in SA! 

  • 4-6- coffee shack chillin, beach hikes & climbs, a lot of reading cards, & meditating 13- 20 hours in a plan- Joburg-Dubai- Singapore- Jakarta. 

  • 7-10- Cyran, Rowen, Gary, & Nandi (4 SA’s) adopted me and so I went I headed to the Underberg with them. We did some cool hikes (3 pools at Lake Naverone), partied at Meg’s going away (The Hatchery), and of course had some great braiis. 11-12- Joburg before my flight to see Ed in Jakarta. 

  • 11-13-Drive through the Drackensberg to Joburg
  • January 14-18- Land in Jakarta via Joburg–>Dubai–>Singapore at 11:55am & taxi to meet up with Ed around 2.  Chill with Ed in Jakarta, a city of 30 million people. Eat well, have a great conversations, meet some really cool expats that Ed has made friends with. Ed’s dad was a Chinese immigrant to sold textiles as a teenager, realized the margins were too small, and instead started lending to his competition. That money was eventually put into land, which got rezoned through relationships, and is now a entire town… Big picture—Real Estate can make you a fortune, IF you’re smart about it.

  • 19-24- Canggu
  • 25-31- Gili T
  • February 1-2- Kuta Lombok- Chilled with Thim the swede, Tine the German, Ksenia the Ukrainian, D the Indonesian, Felipe the Chilean, and two Hungarian hostel owners at the Living Room Hostel. The Bus Bar was a really cool scene with trance music.
  • 3-5- Seminyak, Bali
    • 4th- At Warung Kultur I met Wayne, a Jamaican New Yorker who has been in Bali for 8 months. He sold his company, Peek.com, which gave him the financial flexibility and mental expansion to live alternatively. His younger sister had lived in Bali for 11 years with a French surfer husband raising 2 kids, so their family obviously loved being away from the “American grind.”
  • 5-8- Canggu, Bali (again)- Great food, decent surf, 8 out of 10 parties.
  • Feb. 9th- Land in Sydney at 7am and Uber to the US Consulate to get a 2nd passport.
  • Feb. 9– Land in Sydney, go straight to US consulate for a new passport (never try to get a 2nd passport, the US gov almost has a heart attack. Lol), and then walk all day. Beautiful city, but a city, which I’m starting to get tired of unless it’s extremely unique or I have a great host. At 930pm I find a really quaint, unique restaurant called “Chester White-Cured Diner” & I love the vibe right away. The lamb was a 10, simple, but excellent. 

  • 10- walk around the beaches all day, meet Mr. G asking for directions to a liquor store, regret not asking him for a beer, go out with Ellie and her Bondi roommates

  • 11- chat with a Danish guy who had a football scholarship offer to Ohio State and got injured. 

  • 12- Met up with the Littles, family/church friends from early high school, and go to Hillsong Church, a mega worldwide church that grew largely due to their musical outreach and success.

  • 13-14- Beach day and work at the home of Rob and Georgia. 1st day spending $0 and eating vegetarian. 

  • 15 & 16- hung out with beau Outteridge and family, went sailing at wangi wangi, 

  • 17-The Little’s church is massive. Hillsong.  It blew up because of the music, but now they’ve managed to make Christianity, and specifically worship, “cool.” Great to see old friends.
  • Feb.28- flight to Christchurch, earthquakes, and relocation car through Lewis pass. 

    March 1-

    2-okiwi and the 

    3- Nelson – Cool hippie town. 

    March 4- takaka with Stace & Shea. I just had the best cream of life with a slice of carrot cAke. 

    5th and 6th- Rock climbing. I like it, but I don’t love it.

  • 7-9: Abel Tasman- Grogeous hike and 1st time camping and backpacking solo.

  • 12-14: Franz Josef. Nice hikes, met Freja & Tomas.

  • 15-16: Wannaka. Cool town. I loved the bike ride and a cape code home with a grass tennis on the lake.

  • 17-St. Patty’s day: Queenstown. Young town full of international people staying for a year or 2. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • 19-Milford Sound- Absolutely gorgeous, just like the rest of New Zealand.
  • 20-I tried to call 100 people, but got bored with the same convo over and over, so I stopped at 15. Acro yoga with Freja in the park.
  • It’s March 21st, 2017, about 5 and a half months into the travels and I’ve decided to change the way I do my journal. I’m going to focus less on the place, because Google, Trip Advisor, etc can tell you all about that.  Instead, I’m going to focus on my thoughts.
    • March 21st, 2017: Money has been such a huge focus throughout my life, way too big of a focus and I don’t want that anymore. Of course I won’t be able to change the way my brain has developed over 28 years immediately, but I am going to make a big effort to change my focus to other things like how to help others, the environment, living in the moment, and building community.
  • 23- I turn 29 today. I fly from New Zealand to Oz to meet up with my friends Oli in and check out Byron Bay, his home town.
  • March 23-29- In Byron Bay I spent the weekend with Ollie and his friends (Darcy, T-bone, & Lewie) and Mon-Wed with Robert, Tom, & Pietro.  Robert is an incredibly interesting guy. He brought Sotheby’s to Austrailia, with his main value add being as an art enthusiast/broker and leader.  What really intrigues me about him is not his business success, but his constant pursuit of knowledge.  He is well read and practiced on art, yoga, meditation, real estate development, agriculture, bee keeping, sailing…..the list goes on and on.  That fervor for learning is something I have and want to continue cultivating in my life!
  • March 28- I met a guy at a grocery store in Mullumbimby putting up pictures for his band. He asked me where I was from and turns out he went to Valhalla High School (my school) and remembers my older sister Angela, crazy small world.  This interaction reminded me of Tim Ferriss’ challenge to college kids to get in contact with a “famous person”…. Bottom line, we’re not very different the old 7 degrees of separation theory is more real than most of us realize.
  • March 29th-I’m actually homesick and tired of traveling. I know, most people find it hard to believe and look at me like a spoiled brat when I say that. lol. I’m headed to Darwin today for 4 days, then fly into Bali and will be looking for a spot to call home for 4-8 weeks while I do my Scuba Dive Master training and hopefully a yoga/meditation certification as well! Feeling homesick for the 1st time in my life is strange. I miss spending time with the people who I think will be involved in my life until death. Feeling community while traveling is very difficult because seemingly deep bonds are formed weekly, and those people come and go. In the book More Than Two, they discuss the idea that an average person can only handle 150 people, or what I would call, relationships of any substance, in their life at once. The thing about solo travel a week per location or less, is that 99% of the people you spend time with won’t become one of those 150.  It’s a hard pill to swallow when you consider yourself a deep person; that the only people you’re around day to day, you’ll only have a day or two to build a deep connection with.
  • April 5- it’s been 6 months exactly. 
  • April 10-I just paid $1820 and committed to about 6 weeks of scuba diving with Sairee Cottage Diving in Koh Tao. It includes my Advanced Dive Course, Emergency First Responder, Rescue, and Dive Master Training. I have been in a place the last couple weeks where I haven’t been able to make and stick to decisions as well as I’d like to, so I’m glad I committed and will have some structure to this section of my journey. 
  • 11- 3 dives today, including my 1st night dive. Koh Tao is not as magical as I remembered it, but maybe my expectations were too high and I need to find that sense of community I’ve been missing.  Or I’ll just get really focused on Diving, Muay Thai, and writing.
  • April 15th-I chatted with a girl from named Karen from Montreal.  Very quickly it was apparent that she was a talker, and a deep person.  Within a couple minutes I knew more about her life than many of the people I consider friends.  She told that her mother taught her she had less value than other people, and that her mother actually meant for her to become a prostitute to contribute to the family.  She also told me about some of her life changing experiences and most impactful people in her life.  She mentioned a town outside of Mexico City where the dark skinned people of Mayan decent see themselves so inferior to their lighter skinned neighbors that they literally refuse to look them in the eye.  She also told be about her recently deceased friend who was afraid of heights, and then decided to become a paratrooper.  This man’s inspiration is the reason she is scuba diving, because she is “terrified of water and her worst fear is drowning to death.”  Karen is another reminder of how amazing people can be and how blessed we are all to have life. Merci Karen!
  • 16- EFR (Emergency First Responder Course)
  • June 7 – Snorkel test with Robin and Aaron.
  • June 12th- Fly from Bangkok to Belgrade.
  • June 19th- Meet Kevin in Dubrovnik!
  • July 2nd- Leave Zagreb for Budapest.
  • July 12th- Head to Florence from Budapest.
  • July 18th- Florence to Montpellier.






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