Travel Packing

The best advice I’ve read on packing for long trips (30+ days): 

Lay out everything you plan to take on a bed… cut it in half. Then count your cash, and double it.

Check out this link for a travel techy vet’s thoughts on what to travel with.

Here’s what I fit in my backpack besides clothes:

10-4-bag-packedMiscellaneous: Small laptop (2.9 lb Toshiba), Kindle, electronics case, GoPro & accessories, inflatable neck pillow, sleep masks, ear plugs, head phones, quick dry towelshammocktravel sheet, lock box for valuables, & sunglasses.

Clothes: Kirkland signature jacket, 2 board shorts, 8 boxer briefs, 9 socks, 2 jeans, 2 shorts, 8 shirts, beanie, scarf, sandals, 2 shoes.

Medicine to bring: Pain killers/headache, Emergen-C, Sleeping pills, Anti-diaherra

Health Insurance- In network largest deductible I can pay-$6850, Out of network-$13,700.

I’m a big advocate of planning and not wasting time to execute. This is why I suggest researching everything you think you might need on Amazon. Having it all shipped right to your house, being able to ship back whatever you decide you don’t need, and being able to read all the reviews is a great time & quality control!




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