“Planned” VS. Actual Travel Itenerary

The reason I put “planned” in quotes is because I use the word very loosely. Maybe “predicted” is a better word, because I’m only booking travel from destination to destination a day or two in advance. The first time I was truly able to make travel decisions like this, day to day, was on my May 2016 Thailand/Cambodia trip. I was traveling solo and had planned to get to about 10 destinations in 35 days, but because I didn’t book anything in advance, I lengthened my stay at places I loved and the trip actually ended up being 5 destinations. Some might have been disappointed that “missed out” on seeing a couple places they had planed, but for me, this trip couldn’t have been any more perfect.  Planning is very important in life, but sometimes part of the planning can be not to have a plan and trust that your sense of adventure, spontaneity, and some good karma will bring you to the places you’re meant to be and will love! As Benjamin Franklin said,:

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Although I’ve always had plans to travel the globe, that Thai/Cambodia trip was a big eye opener to how I wanted to do it: with flexibility, mostly traveling in between destinations alone, and without a finite timeline. Bottom line, if you love a place you should stay and cherish it as long as you can, and if you don’t like a place, move on and find somewhere that you love. Life is short, so be where and with the people & things that you love and feel called to!

The plan below is what I would bet on, but who knows, maybe a big business deal will come up in San Diego and I’ll come home early, or maybe I’ll find a place abroad I just don’t want to leave and will stay for 3 years. The challenges and excitement of the unknown is one of my main inspirations for making this trip happen!

Plan in my head on October 5th, the day I leave from LAX:

Oct. 5- Dublin

Oct. 24th- Wild Card- Somewhere south in Europe: Portugal, Madeira, Ibiza, Alicante, Sardinia, Crete.

Nov. 5- South Africa & surrounding countries- Cape Town, Durban, Joburg, Pretoria, The Garden route roadtrip from Dec. 17-Jan. 3rd, Victoria Falls, Mozambique, Namibia. Activities: Bungy Bus, Great white shark diving, Safari

Jan. 5- New Zealand

Feb. 15- Australia

March 15-SE Asia

May 1-July1-Koh Tao DiveMaster

July 1-10- Open.  Relax where I am, head to Europe early, or stop somewhere on the way.

July 10-20- Florence 10 year Pepperdine reunion-  “Official Reunion”  7/13-7/16

July 20-August 10-Greece

August 10-Sept. 15- Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia)

Sept. 15-October- Eastern Europe, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan

November- January- South America. Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Brazil

South America priorities-Patagonia, Christ of Redeemer, Carnival, Salt Flats, Sand boarding, Machu Picchu, Death road, Wine tour, Coffee tour, Horse riding, Caribbean coast, Waterfalls,  Fishing tour, Mine tour.

Feb- Carnaval is in Rio, one of my favorite cities! It starts Feb. 11th, so I’ll be there!

March-May-Central America- Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize.

Central America priorities: Bocas del Toro,

May 2018- Return home for a beautiful summer, more loved ones than I care to count, & a career that I love!

My Actual trip updated monthly:

Oct. 5- Dublin, Kilkenny, Galway, Canamera, Cliffs of Moher, Dingle, Slea Head Rd. loop, Howth, Dalkey.

Planned, will update actual after  completed- October 24-Joburg, Pretoria,   Amphi Backpacker- Drakensberg,SA,  Mozambique, Victoria falls, Durban, who knows!?

Oct. 27-30- Swaziland. Maguga Dam for Stan’s work, golf, bonfires, late night talks with Scots, Kenyan, Peace Corp crew, and Swazis!

Nov.3-10- Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe & Zambia)- Raft, kayak, swim.

Nov.11-18- Mozambique (Praia do Tofo)- Scuba, surf, fish, & party!

Nov. 20-27- Stewie’s family game farm outside of Pretoria with Stewie+crew & then to “the dam for a huge weekend jol!”

Dec.1- Head to Cape Town!

Dec. 10 weekend- “Massive jol at Rugby tourney in Cape Town

Dec. 17- Jan. 3rd-Roadtrip down the garden route!

January 3rd to 10th: Coffee Bay, Underberg, Joburg.

Jan. 11-Feb. 9: Indonesia. Jakarta, Bali, Gili T, Lombok.

February 10- March 1: Sydney & Melbourne.

March.1-March.22: New Zealand. Christchurch, Nelson, Queenstown.

March 23-April 7: Byron Bay and Darwin

April  8- 15: Chiang Mai and Pai

April 15-June 19: Koh Tao

June  19- July 1: Dubrovnik to Zagreb, Croatia.

July 2-12: Budapest and Siofok, Hungary.

July 12-17: Rome and Florence for my 10 year Study Abroad Pepperdine Reunion.

July 18- ? : Montpellier, France.

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