Thailand. May 2016

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To get a feel for the activities and travel routes, check out this Youtube video:Video

My trip summary:

4/28-4/30. Bangkok

Don’t go in April/May unless you can handle humidity and 100+ degree Fahrenheit heat. Lol

Sky bar is a great view, but you have to wear pants and nicer show. It’s the most expensive place I went to Thailand (400 baht beer), but worth the view and experiencing the high level of Asian service if you’re used to hostel type service.

Bodega Hostel- 8 out of 10. Good place to party and pretty clean. It’s a good place for solo travelers because they have walking and bike tours most days. If you like to do things alone, stay closer to Koh San Rd., the main backpacker area.

Bangkok is a big city, 16 million people. It smells like sewage in a lot of places. I left a day early to headed to the islandStewie & crew, my new South African friends.

4/30-5/4. Phuket, Paradise Beach, Similian islands, elephant rides.

Bodega Hostel Phuket- Another party hostel great for meeting people.

Patong is the main party beach, but ugliest beach. If you’re a partier, stay there, if not, go to Kata or one of the southern beaches.

The Similian islands are beautiful, but the snorkeling was not great. If you’re a diver, they say a Liveaboard for 2 or 3 nights is the way to go.

Paradise beach- 7 out of 10. Sacada’s were very loud, which made it hard to chill, but it’s beautiful.

4/5-4/12- Koh phi phi

Phuket to phi phi is a1 hr car ride, 1 hrwaiting on a boat, & 3 hrs on the boat (350 Baht). On the boat a Filipino lady who was married a Brit let me know that a quick boat is 900 baht, and it gets you there in 45 minutes. I would ask about that at your hostel and get their opinion before paying the 350 baht for the slow boat.

Stone hostel nights 1 and 2- right on the beach and full of young party people. I bailed quick for something nicer.

Night 3-6. Ibiza. It’s the nicest hotel I found on Phi Phi. It was 3000 Baht a night for the private bungalow and breakfast, but after spending the last few weeks in $5 a night hostels, I was cool with it to get cleaned up and be more comfortable for a while.

Ao Nang, Krabi- 1 night. I suggest going straight from here to Railay to rock climb and have a couple days in a nicer hotel.

Railay(2 nights)- i cant believe this is possible, but it might be even more beautiful than phi phi. It’s quiet, no wild parties like phi phi, but still spectacular beauty.Eat BBQ at Sand and Sea Hotel right on the beach.

The viewpoint and the Lagoon are 2 hikes/climbs that start at the same location. Viewpoint is 7 out of 10 difficulty and lagoon is 9 out of 10. At the lagoon hike, there are 3 drop offs where you have to hold a rope and basically scale a shear, wet, muddy cliff using a slippery rope. It’s sketchy, but each of the 3 drops took me about 3 minutes and the French Canadian girls 10 minutes with my help.

Recommendation- if you’re not afraid of a climb and smart enough to take your time, DO IT!!!! The lagoon is beautiful. If you’re injury prone, scare of heights, or not a confident climber, don’t it. It’s not worth a broken bone and trip to a Thai hospital.

Koh Tao- I plan to go back by 3/23/17 for 2 months to complete my dive master Cert at Ban’s or Sairee Cottage Diving. I love it here b/c so many cool people live here full time for 1-5 years, so you can really build relationships withlocals, not just travelers. I spent,6 nights, did 6 dives, & got my deep adventure course out of the way.

Koh Tao Restaurants- Hippo burger, Baracuda for seafood, vegan salad restaurant, Banyan (local diver’s dive bar.)

Natural high and High bar, I didn’t make it, but I heard they are really cool with awesome views.

Siem reap- 5/25-5/28

Angkor Wat. It’s one of the 7 Architectural Wonders.Pub street is the only place to party at night.- Angkor what!? played hip hop dance music and was a great time!

Things to buy before going:

1. Dive insurance- if you’re diving, get it. Like my Momma always says, better safe than sorry

Get diver’s insurance

2. Travel insurance- if you’re a thrill seeker (will rent a scooter, hike, climb, swim, dive, etc.) then get it. Do your own research on this one.

3. Water proof cases for electronics- iphone, go pro, camera, etc. When it rains, it pours, so check the forecast and protect your expensive things.

4. Personal lock for Passport, $, & anything else extra important.


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