Scorpion Bay. August 2016

I spent a week in San Juanico for the 2nd time and really loved my time down there. Its main draw are the world class waves, seen below, but there is also great fishing, spear fishing, kite surfing, desert sports like dune buggies & quads, & day trips to secluded beaches.

Check is out.Scorpion Bay is considered one of the longest wavesin the world!

I was also able to do some research on the Real Estate market by touring with brokers and chatting with local homeowners & builders.

Here is some of the info that I found:

-Typical lot size:

36 meters X 20 meters

Lots for sale:

1. 3 lots total. 36 meters X 20 meters- $150k total

It would be the mostnorthernstructures on the bay, giving ita lot of privacy. I have a somethoughts about the highest & best use, let me know if you would like to discuss.

2.$110k at 3rd point. Half lot (parcela), half a lot back from the ocean.

3. 2 lots- $50k each. View from roof top

  • 2 minute walk from1st point

4. 1 lot with creek-$55k- 2 years (20m X 36)

  • 20 X 36 is standard
  • 2 minute walk to 1st point cantina
  • Never received an offer

5. 3 blocks back

  • 2 lots, $25k each

6. 1 lot-$40k


Homes for sale (all SF are estimates):

1. 2 lots, $70k- 2 bed 1 bath- 1000 SF

Needs improvements:

  • $13k for metal or tile roof
  • $8k for palapa roof
  • $300 X 8 for new windows
  • Saltillo- $280 pesos per m=$4 a foot


2. 1 lot, 2 houses-3 bed 3 bath-$250k

3. 1 lot, 1 bedroom new house. $165k- her dads

  • Foundation built to do 2nd floor

4. $250k pink house ocean front- chopped up plan, needs $50k to fix up

  • $200 a night all year- 75% 5 months (may-sept)
  • 25% other 7 months

5.Gringo hill (1 lot back)- $55k each

6. New Construction- $165k- new 1 bedroom. 1 bath

  • 15 X 7 Paul paces- Interior of home.
  • 15 X 36 lot
  • Ocean views


Recently Sold lots:

1. 10 lots back- $12k each for $5 lots

2. 1 lot- 2 lots back $40k


Airbnb market:

20 houses for rent- VRBO &airbnb


Which properties are generating the most annually?

1. $250 a night- 80% booked 5 months. FOR SALE-asking $350k

75% vacancy for 7 months

2. $85-2 bed 1 bath, no view, 5 blocks back

50% summer, 10% other months


Building costs:

$70 p/SF all in- including septic

$60k total to build a simple house 2bed, 1 bath, 1000 sf home.

Email from a builder in San Juanico:

$0 usd per square foot for the 1stfloor.. if you want a 2ndfloor it is 25% more.. this includesappliances, pressure water system, stain grade solid wood alder cabinets, permits, good quality fixtures, septic system, paint…It does not include solar system, light fixtures, & landscape.
Pool is $15,000 usd and we are not sure about jacuzi we need to look in to this..

Building notes/restrictions:

No FAR, no setbacks


Surf info:

The 4 points


Purchasing in Mexico:

Fidocamiso is necessary-$5k

  • no foreigner can own land within 50kilometers of ocean in Mexico. Fidocamiso is a bank owning it for you.


  • $2k for septic for 2 bed, 1 bath home
  • $10k for a massive septic
  • Pumping it is 500 pesos


  • 3/2/1500- $4k
  • $15k for the biggest house in San Juanico


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